Lloyds Animal Feeds produce a full range of High-Quality pig feeds for both large and small producers. We produce our own, well developed, range of diets to suit all systems. From a 7kg Weaner diet up to full bacon weight, with diets for Sows, Gilts and Boars. We also produce bespoke diets using the top Nutrtionists available in the country.

Lloyds have their own In-House Specialist team. Starting with our Nutritionists, through to our experienced National Sales Specialist, Anthony Williams, who has 32 years of experience working with pigs. Anthony’s wealth of knowledge has been gained from first becoming a Stockman and then later a Manager and Owner.


We at Lloyds pride ourselves in being a family run business and have five mills located in Oswestry, Wrexham, Piercebridge, Langport and Darlington, helping to support pig production nationwide.



Our Aim is to help you achieve the best possible growth and production from your stock. Some examples in which we can help and assist include problem solving, backfat testing for top sow production and growth monitoring, by weighing stock and calculating growth rate comparisons.

Lloyds are here to help you make a profit.

We pride ourselves in delivering true value to our customers through our highly experienced pig specialist, production and nutrition teams.

Please contact us and we will be happy to help.